5 Tips For Throwing The Ultimate Grad Party

This past April, I graduated college! Woohoo! I got my B.S. in journalism and apparel and textile merchandising from Eastern Michigan University. Since my plans consisted of packing up and going away to grad school in another state this summer, I decided to have a graduation/going away party at my house. This was my first time throwing a family and friends party at home, but I would definitly say that it was a success ❤ Whether you are planning a high school graduation, college graduation or a going away party, here are five tips for throwing the ultimate bash!

  1. Document your memories: If you’re going away to college or moving for a job or maybe you just haven’t seen your cousins and childhood friends for a while, it’s always good to capture moments like these! If you’re anything like me, you may also be interested in documenting the good times in multiple ways. For example, I had a memory jar where people could write me memories or advice to read later on. I also set out my polaroid camera and extra film and had people take pictures during the party and pin them up on a board. And, if that wasn’t already enough, I created a photo booth in my basement! I put up a plain black backdrop with a metallic gold fringe curtain in front of it that I ordered from Amazon. I even got super cute props, also from Amazon, and through in a feather boa (because what’s a photo booth without a feather boa). I set up my camera on the tripod, put the timer on, and it was a big hit! Afterward, I posted all of the pictures on my personal Facebook page, but I think scrapbooking the pictures and notes is also a great idea.
  2. Show off your accomplishments: Graduating is one of the biggest milestones in your life, you worked hard and people are coming to celebrate you, so show them all they have to be proud of! I had a table at the entrance of my house that displayed my diploma,  recent awards, study abroad photos, newspaper articles I had written, and some other work I had done, such as my textile and design portfolio. On my accomplishments table I also included a photo collage of myself and my card box.
  3. Label the punch: Punch is a staple at parties and there are so many great recipes on Pinterest. However, if you are going to make some “fun” punch for the adults (which is usually a good idea) then just make sure you LABEL IT. Nobody, especially child services, would be pleased with tipsy elementary kids. I suggest that in addition to labeling the punch that contains alcohol, you can also make a children’s punch in a fun color (the one at my party was pink).
  4. Entertain the youngsters: If you plan on having a lot of kids running around, then definitly plan to keep them busy. We had a bounce house in my backyard. However, you can also just set out some boardgames, video games or crafts in a designated kid zone as well. If the weather is nice, they will probably be fine playing outside with each other, but always have a backup plan for if and when they get bored.
  5. Prepare for the weather: Although it’s summertime, you never know if it’s going to rain. My forecast was clear for the day of my party all week long and it still rained! It poured. But, luckily, we had a canopy outside that shielded people for a while and the food was all inside. Eventually, when the rain got too heavy, we moved the party inside but it was totally fine because we were totally prepared with a clean kitchen and living room and plenty of seating.


xoxo, Kayla

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