Cabin Slumber Party: Hartland, MI

Last weekend I flew home to Michigan for my cousin’s surprise 21st birthday party. My aunt planned a 90’s themed slumber party at a cabin — so basically the best party idea ever. She rented the cutest A-frame cabin at Waldenwoods Resort in Hartland, Michigan. My cousin didn’t know about the party and she definitely didn’t know I was coming to town. When she showed up at the little wooden home with a blindfold on, I answered the door and said “Hey, Vannah!” She burst out in tears! It melted my heart.

The whole night my cousin’s and aunt’s friends kept showing up. My mom was there, as well as my other aunt, grandma, and one of my childhood family friends. It was so wonderful. Honestly, I’m not usually one for the outdoors and wilderness, but it was so refreshing to have a night amongst the fall trees and the lake. It was a drastic change from my current life in New York City.

We spent the night with mojitos, Jell-O shots, throwback jams, games, and snacks. It was so much fun. The cabin had about 12 beds, so plenty of room for our house full of women. My 90s outfit included a flannel, oversized denim jacket, a choker, a velvet scrunchy, and a bandana tied around my head. I was going for Aaliyah / TLC vibes and, of course, I was the most dressed up. People loved it. In addition to that, my aunt also got me a shirt made that said “Thick~Fine Cousin” — AMAZING! Lol.

The scenery was truly beautiful, there was a bar right on the campground and we were right off the water. It was much needed and I’m so glad I got to celebrate my lovely cousin. ❤


xoxo, Kayla

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