NYLON Box Review #1

After deciding to cancel my Ipsy subscription at the beginning of the summer, I wanted to try something new. NYLON Magazine had just launched their new subscription box so it seemed like the perfect option since I love the publication so much. Also, when I interned at NYLON I got to help them brainstorm ideas for the subscription service. I got this box back in July (yes, I am three months behind) and it was so much fun to unbox! I love the edgy coolness of it and it’s totally cohesive with the publication’s style. Note: I was missing one of my products, a nail polish. Here is what I got:

Batiste Dry Shampoo: It totally revived by hair when I woke up with a head of messy, frizzy curls. The only downside was since I have a lot of thick hair, I used almost the whole sample at once!


House of Intuition La Clarity Bath Bag: It’s basically potpourri and salt that you put in a little bag and let it sit in your bath or  shower while you wash up to help you relax. I tried it in my shower and I like the idea, but I honestly couldn’t even smell it. I think it’s a smart idea to have the little bag so it doesn’t make a mess all over the tub and it would probably work better in a bath, but sadly it was pretty much a fail for me.


Cocokind MyMatcha Stick: I love this! It was probably my favorite product in the box. It smells good, like matcha of course, and it keeps your lips super moisturized throughout the day. It’s also a huge tube so it’s lasting me forever.


Manic Panic Glitter Jewels in Electric Fuchsia Shock: I’m not totally sure how I feel this product. The idea is to put them on your face or hair, but I really haven’t found a use for them that works for me personally. I think they are a fun idea and I like the color, but I would only use these on a rare occasion, especially since it’s kind of messy.


Sanrio Hello Kitty Pin: How could you ever go wrong with a Hello Kitty pin?! It’s super cute, the perfect accessory for a bag or jacket.

Hipstapatch Hot Lips Patch: This patch is very rock ‘n roll and such a fun addition to any piece of denim.


Yeah Bunny Sticker Set: These stickers are so lighthearted and cute. I especially love the coffee one and the NYC ones.


Would you try any of these?

xoxo, Kayla

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