First Impressions: Kylie Cosmetics


First Impressions

So I’ve been wearing Kylie Cosmetics for over a year now and I have accumulated a pretty decent collection. I decided to try the brand for the same reason as everyone else, to see if it lived up to the hype of fast sell-outs and constant appearances on my social media feeds. Some of the products I own are a huge hit, but there are a few misses. Since a lot of people have been surprised when I told them a certain lip I was wearing was Kylie Cosmetics, I decided to lay out all of the products I have and what I think of them.


Of course, Kylie’s most famous products are her lip kits. The nice thing about purchasing a lip kit is getting the exact matching lipliner with your liquid lipstick. I was never someone who wore lipliners, like ever, but the lip kits definitely made me appreciate a nice evenly lined lip. Overall, I love the liquid lipsticks. Here are the different formulas I’ve tried and how they compare:

  • Matte: The matte colors come in a HUGE variety. The matte lip kits are pretty much the brand’s signature. On the plus side, they stay on REALLY well throughout the day. On the downside, they can sometimes flake and feel dry if no lip primer is used. It’s important not to layer it on too much because that can cause it to flake and peel.
  • Velvet: This formula is probably my favorite. It isn’t as dry and it still stays on really well all day.
  • Gloss: The glosses are pretty good. The glittery ones are sheer, but the colored ones are very pigmented. These also stay on pretty well and they don’t have a sticky feeling to them.
  • Metal: The metal formula is okay. They are definitely gorgeous colors, I love the effect of a metal pigment, but it doesn’t stay on as well as the others.
  • Crème: This is my least favorite formula. It is a little too sheer for me and it doesn’t apply very evenly or stay on that well.


Grape Soda (Velvet)

Pumpkin (Matte)

Butternut (Matte)

Wicked (Matte)

Mink (Matte)

Okurrr (Matte)

Dancer (Metal)

Posie K (Gloss)

Kiki (Crème)

Kimberly (Crème)

Poppin’ (Gloss)

 Dolce K (Matte) & Literally (Gloss) 



I have also tried some Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadows. I own the Take Me On Vacation pallet and a smaller set of two Kyshadows from a seasonal Valentine’s Day bundle. Overall I really like the eyeshadows. The larger pallet is a little expensive, but I think the amount you get for it is worth it. I love the colors in the vacation pallet and I use it all the time. It has the best neutrals for everyday looks. Almost all of the eyeshadows have really great pigment and I think Kylie is really good at creating a cohesive collection and color pallet.



I’ve also tried a few of her powder highlighters. I was part of a video for CafeMom where we tested out her last fall collection of Ultra Glow Highlighters. I honestly do not like the loose powder. It’s very messy! But, the colors are very pretty. It’s just not my favorite highlighter.

Kylie Cosmetics x TopShop Pop-Up Shop

Back in November, I checked out the Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop at TopShop. I loved the experience! The line wasn’t too bad to get in and it was set up pretty organized. It was nice to be able to try the products in person and they gave me super cute stickers in my bag. Her packaging and marketing is almost always a win!


Do you like Kylie Cosmetics? If so, what’s your favorite product?

xoxo, Kayla


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