Camping & A Parade: Middlebury, IN & Chicago, IL

This past weekend I went with my best friend Julia to Middlebury, Indiana to go camping with her family. We were really close to an Amish village so there were a lot of farm animals and fields near by. We slept in trailers, made smores by the fire, and went swimming in a lake. It was pretty relaxing. While we were with her family, we also drove out to Chicago, Illinois for the Puerto Rican Festival at Humboldt Park. Even though I am not Puerto Rican, it was a wonderful cultural experience! There was a parade, a carnival, and a lot of good hispanic food. I had some awesome coconut ice-cream and got a great tan from being in the sun all day everyday. After spending the first night at the campground and two nights in Chicago at my friend’s aunt’s house, we ended the trip with a final night at the campground. Camping isn’t usually my thing, but I survived. It can be really nice to get out into the country sometimes. It was a nice change of scenery going back and forth from dirt roads and campers in Indiana to crowded streets and bumper to bumper traffic in Chi-town. I even learned a few new words in Spanish. Let me know what you think, adios!

Much Love, Kayla

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