Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone had a wonderful day of family, friends, and fireworks. I wore this outfit to go to a family barbecue. We spent almost all day out in the sun talking, laughing, and eating yummy food while the younger kids played in the pool and bouncy house. Then tonight my parents, sisters and I gave into the old Americana tradition of fireworks and sparklers at my house. Since I was outside most of the day I decided that sneakers were a must, so I went with my simple red slip-ons that are really comfortable. Denim shorts were an obvious selection for the occasion and my red, white, and gold Wonder Woman shirt and polkadot hair wrap were just the right amount of patriotism. I had fun dressing it up with some gold accessories like my earrings and sunglasses. Let me know what you think of my July 4th outfit and let me know what you wore for the holiday in the comments below!

Much Love, Kayla

Jacket: Wet Seal

Shirt: Spencer’s

Denim Shorts: Forever 21


Sunglasses: Icing

Hair wrap: Icing

DSCN4285 DSCN4286 DSCN4287 DSCN4290 DSCN4291 DSCN4292 DSCN4293 DSCN4294 DSCN4295 DSCN4297 DSCN4301 DSCN4302 DSCN4321 DSCN4331

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