Beach Bag Essentials

If you plan on going out for a day by the water this summer whether it’s the beach, a nearby pool, or the water park there are a few things that you should always bring with you! Swimming, tanning, boating or whatever you have planned for the hot weather is probably the best part of summer! So if you plan to be outside enjoying the sun for a few hours then don’t forget to pack your beach bag. These are a few things that I always make sure I have with me when I go out to the beach or pool. Let me know what your favorite beach bag essntials are in the comments!(:

1. Beach Bag or Tote: My pink cheetah print beach bag was purchased at Pink but, you can find a nice tote bag almost anywhere. One that is simple with not a ton of pockets, but deep enough to through everything in seems to work just fine for me. I like the flexible, plastic material of mine because it’s waterproof. Make sure that whatever bag you use isn’t expensive material or something that will get easily damaged or stained. A plastic one like mine also prevents my phone, camera and other items inside from getting wet.

2. Flip Flops or Sandals: You definitely don’t want to be getting your sneakers full of water or sinking in heels in the sand. Flip flops and sandals are still cute, but way more convenient when you just need something to slip on your feet. My white flip flops were like $2 at Old Navy. If I’m laying out or swimming there is no need for shoes at all anyway.

3. Sunscreen or Tanning Lotion: If you burn easily then you definitely want something with more SPF but, even if you’re not prone to burning you should still have some kind of tanning lotion or sunblock on just because some protection is better than none. There is nothing worse than blistering or peeling skin from a painful sunburn. I also like to use After Sun spray or lotion when I’m done being in the sun because it can help you hold your tan and it cools your skin as well.

4. Towel: You definitely need a towel to dry off with and you may even want a second one to sit or lay on if you don’t have a chair or a blanket. Beach towels are usually bigger than the ones you use after a shower as well because they’re made for laying on.

5. Sunglasses: You’re not going to want the sun in your eyes while you’re trying to relax or have fun so don’t forget your favorite pair of sunnies. If you wear glasses they even make prescription sunglasses. The ones in the picture above are my prescription ones by DKNY. You can most likley get them from your eye doctor but, cheap non-prescription ones can be found anywhere of course!

6. Camera: Don’t forget to capture your summer memories! If you have a polaroid (like mine), a digital camera, or even a camera phone a day by the water with friends or family is always a fun time to post or scrapbook.

7. Something to Read: The latest issue of Vogue, The Fault in Our Stars, or whatever book or magazine that has captivated your mind recently is always a great way to relax in the sun.

8. Music: If your not reading or gabbing with your friends, then jamming to your iPod or Pandora is also a good way to relax.

9. Healthy Snack & Water: Make sure that if you are going to be in the sun for an extensive period of time that you have some water to keep you hydrated! I also love to bring along some light snacks that are easy to eat like grapes, crackers, strawberries, or something along those lines. If you want to pack a whole lunch then I would suggest bringing a cooler with sandwiches and gatorade to accompany your fruit and other snacks.

Much Love, Kayla

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