Workout Essentials

If you are getting a quick workout at home, heading to the gym, or even just a bike ride around the neighborhood there are some things that you need in order to get the best workout you can. Also, as fashionistas these essentials can be coordinated or jazzed up to express your sense of style even when you’re tired and sweating. These are some things that I always have with me when I go to the gym or squeeze in a quick workout.


1. Sports Bra: Ladies, you NEED a good sports bra! Or multiple. There are some for heavy impact activity (running, jump roping, etc.), there are ones with minimum support (yoga, stretching, etc.), and there are many that fall in between. You can get them with or without padding, underwires, racerback, thick or thin straps, and even different necklines. I highly recommend checking out the variety of sports bras by Victoria’s Secret and Nike.

2. Supportive Sneakers: Everyones feet are different and have different fits that feel comfortable. When you’re looking for a good sneaker to workout in then consider some things like how big your arches are, are you flatfooted, what kind of activities will you be doing (running shoes are different than dance shoes). Once you have an idea of what is comfortable for you then try some styles on. I also recommend gel inserts or insoles if you need them.

3. Music: The best way to get motivated for your workout is music! You can use your phone, an iPod, and mp3 player, or whatever you have to make an awesome workout playlist. Headphones that wont keep falling out of your ears are good to have as well. I have Beats by Dre, but there are many options that are less expensive than those. If you workout a lot then an iPod, like my iPod nano, and some good headphones may be worth the investment. You can download TONS of apps to assist you with your workout routine as well.

4. Water Bottle: You need to stay hydrated!! Make sure you have a water bottle, Gatorade, or Powerade with you while exercising. Water is of course the best option, but I love my strawberry watermelon gatorade too.

5. Proper Attire: Comfort is the main objective when it comes to workout clothes. You need to feel secure and flexible in what you’re wearing. I personally always go with a loose fitting tank top or t-shirt and yoga pants. Shorts are of course a good option too, but personally I hate my thighs rubbing together while I run, #CurvyGirlProbs! Yoga pants come in cropped length, full-length legging, and bootcut. My favorite places for workout clothes are Pink, Forever 21, and Lady Footlocker.

Let me know what you think!

Much Love, Kayla


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