My Hair Transformations of 2015

Most people who know me know that I get bored with my hair easily. Unlike many people who only change their hair during a midlife crisis or a bad breakup, I’ve been changing my hair color and style every few months since middle school. Of course this isn’t always good for my hair, but it’s so fun to switch up your look–I’m addicted.

My natural color is dark brown/black and that’s how I started off the year. According to fashion law, I try to keep darker hair in the winter.

Closer to spring I wanted to do something fun! I took it upon myself to add some bleach and some Splat “Lucious Rasberries” hair dye. It was cool for a bit, but it faded fast and made my hair feel dry and brassy.


After my hair was faded and my ends were split, I decided I needed to clean it up and go back natural. I did an oil treatment, got two inches cut off, and I had a professional dye it back dark again.

After letting it heal for a few months, I decided to spend the money and get it done professionally again. Last month, I went back to Tricho Salaon and Spa and had them give me my fist ombré. I think it’s a good look for fall and although it’s not too extreme, it turned out good.


Now that I have washed it a few times and I changed my part to a middle part (for the first time ever), you can really see the ombré better and I like it even more. I will probably keep it this way until my birthday in January.


What should my next hair adventure be? I was thinking gray… like Rihanna!

xoxo, Kayla

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