Street Style: Pop of Pink


Neutrals are definitely always in style for the fall, but one really great way to spice up a neutral outfit is by adding a fun pop of color. One of the easiest ways to pull this off so that the outfit still flows, is by adding the pop of color in your shoe selection. This trick can apply to a casual look or a more formal look as well. This Fashionista nailed it with her casual streetwear outfit.

Her black-on-black skinny jeans and fitted top are the perfect foundation for many different outfit choices because there is so much you can do from there. This Fashionista added a stylish olive green bomber jacket with black trim and a gold zipper. It kept the outfit chic and simple, while keeping her warm in the cool November weather. Her two-toned watch and natural makeup also added to the minimalist, yet glamorous look.

Finally, the highlight of the outfit, in my opinion, is the pink Vans sneakers. They offset the rest of the outfit by adding a bright color to the palette and by keeping it fun and playful. Not only are the sneakers comfortable to walk across campus in, but they also give this outfit a sense of originality and personality.

This look is super easy to pull off! All you have to do is take any neutral outfit that is black-on-black, nude or white and add shoes that are a random, fun color. Whether it’s a black dress with red heels or a white outfit with royal blue boots, the possibilities are endless.

xoxo, Kayla

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