Happy V-Day: Red Fringe

Today I was super excited about my Valentine’s Day outfit because I got to wear my new red fringe skirt from Lane Bryant. It was the perfect way to look festive, sassy and flirty. Since the skirt made enough of a statement, I paired it with a plain black long-sleeve top and my favorite black wedged booties from Charlotte Russe. Of course I had to add a fun accessory though, so I went with my lips printed Juicy Couture scarf. Also featured in the pictures is my brand new (drum role please)… RAY BANS! My boyfriend got them for me today & I’m obsessed with them! He also got me a MAC liquid eyeliner, a MAC gift card and he took me to this amazingggg sushi place called Xushi Ko. I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Photos were taken by my best friend, Quran Frost.

xoxo, Kayla

2 thoughts on “Happy V-Day: Red Fringe

  1. Emily Ealey says:

    You look beautiful in this outfit; I hope you enjoyed Valentines Day!!! Do you happen to recall the original price of the skirt? Thank you for your help.

    • Kayla Cheyenne Boyd says:

      Thank you so much Emily! That means a lot to me (: I’m sorry, but I don’t remember the original price of the skirt because I got it on a clearance rack. I believe it was around $50 and I got if for about $25-30.

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