My 22nd Birthday

This year I decided, for the first time ever, not to make any major plans for my birthday. Turning 22 is still special, but it’s not as big as 16 or 21. It was a Tuesday anyway and it was already starting off as a hectic year so I just kind of went with the flow on January 20th. Luckily, my loved ones made the day a great one. I got some cute birthday cards from some of my family members and my parents helped fund my study abroad trip to Europe as a gift. They also got me a cute travel notebook and a Kate Spade coffee mug! My mom took me to get my nails done and then we went shopping at Maurice’s to find an outfit. Afterwards, I went to see my boyfriend for dinner. He bought be a pair of Air Jordan 1’s (in case you didn’t know, I have a huge sneaker addiction). Then he took me to my favorite restaurant, Pizza Papalis. There, he surprised me with a group of our friends and an ice-cream cake! We ended the night with some drinks and movies at my friends house. It turned out to be a very nice birthday. ❤

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