Brand Spotlight: The Noble Brand

Brand: The Noble Brand

Products: Clothes, hats and more.

Brand CEO: Sydney Symone Noble


Instagram: @thenoblebrand | Twitter: @TheNobleBrand

Behind the Brand: Sydney Nobel: “The Noble Brand is a clothing line dedicated to uplifting the inner royalty in everyone (specifically the minority). We currently live in a time where music and pop culture portrays our men as gangsters/troublemakers and are teaching our young women that they have to look a certain way in order to be considered attractive. In our current society, the only thing that makes the news or the ‘trending’ page on social media is crime and self-modification. We have seen so may people fall into the influence of modern day music. Witnessing young women believe that their looks are the way to a good life. Seeing young men sell themselves short and settling for the street corner. We made it our mission to remind this generation that it is not enough to settle. There is a divine purpose in all of us that we need to tap into and explore. We are a generation of world changers and nobility. There are not many platforms that uplift our strong men and women and encourage them to live in their true essence. The Noble Brand is a positive platform embracing all kinds of beauty from all walks of life; doing so one piece of clothing at a time.”

*Kickstarter campaign: To make this fabulous line a reality, they need your help. You can pre-order select items here to support this brand and everything it stands for. The campaign will run through September 16.

Photos by Sydney Noble

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xoxo, Kayla


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