23 Things To Do While I’m 23

It’s my 23rd birthday today… my Jordan year! Last year, I combined my birthday post with my new years resolutions and I decided to do it again this year! I think it’s a good way for me to set goals for myself and then look back and see how much I accomplished in a year. While I was 22, I completed 17 out of 22 of the things on my list! The five that I didn’t complete, I incorporated into this list. Here are 23 things I would like to do while I’m 23!

  1. Complete my master’s degree. // SU Newhouse Class of 2017!
  2. Pray more and go to church more. // I did try one new church in NYC, but I need to go more often. 
  3. Complete at least one magazine internship. // Nylon Magazine!
  4. Get my first real journalism job. (kind of) // Full-time paid internship at CafeMom
  5. Move to New York City. // See pics of my first NYC room here!
  6. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been. // Charleston & Boston
  7. Learn to budget more efficiently & save more money.
  8. Get my first professional body massage.
  9. Start a journal and stick with it. (kind of)
  10. Do my first blog giveaway.
  11. Read a minimum of 5 good books.
  12. Create a healthier lifestyle routine.
  13. Learn to cook new meals.
  14. Do more freelance writing and publish at new media outlets. // Got published at Fashionista, Nylon, & CafeMom!
  15. Get another tattoo.
  16. Do a paint and pour.
  17. Do more blog collaborations. // MGM, Tobi, & more!
  18. Create more: art, DIY’s, multimedia projects, etc. // Tried vlogging a couple times & put together my bedroom furniture all by myself!
  19. See at least 5 new movies that I really enjoy. // Girls Trip, Hidden Figures, Wonder Woman, Beauty and The Beast, Despicable Me 3, Jumanji, & more.
  20. Add more professionalism to my wardrobe. // Branched out for a few more blazers, tights, & sweaters.
  21. Do something impactful for those less fortunate. // Gave away a bunch of clothes to a friend’s family.
  22. Host a party or get-together. // I hosted a small watch party for the Oscars & quite a few wine/study sessions when I had my studio in Syracuse.
  23. Get on a better sleep schedule. // This is still a work in progress, but I’m sleeping better on weekdays (for the most part).  


xoxo, Kayla

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