23 Things To Do While I’m 23

It’s my 23rd birthday today… my Jordan year! Last year, I combined my birthday post with my new years resolutions and I decided to do it again this year! I think it’s a good way for me to set goals for myself and then look back and see how much I accomplished in a year. While I was 22, I completed 17 out of 22 of the things on my list! The five that I didn’t complete, I incorporated into this list. Here are 23 things I would like to do while I’m 23!

  1. Complete my master’s degree. (SU Newhouse Class of 2017!)
  2. Pray more and go to church more.
  3. Complete at least one magazine internship. (Nylon Magazine!)
  4. Get my first real journalism job.
  5. Move to New York City. (See pics of my first NYC room here!)
  6. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been. (Charleston & Boston)
  7. Learn to budget more efficiently & save more money.
  8. Get my first professional body massage.
  9. Start a journal and stick with it.
  10. Do my first blog giveaway.
  11. Read a minimum of 10 good books.
  12. Create a healthier lifestyle routine.
  13. Learn to cook new meals.
  14. Do more freelance writing and publish at new media outlets. (Got published at Fashionista, Nylon, and CafeMom!)
  15. Get another tattoo.
  16. Do a paint and pour.
  17. Do more blog collaborations. (Shoutout to MGM, Tobi, and more!)
  18. Create more: art, DIY’s, multimedia projects, etc. (Tried vlogging a couple times & put together my bedroom furniture all by myself!)
  19. See at least 5 new movies that I really enjoy. (Girls Trip, Hidden Figures, Wonder Woman, Beauty and The Beast, and Despicable Me 3.)
  20. Add more professionalism to my wardrobe.
  21. Do something impactful for those less fortunate.
  22. Host a party or get-together. (I hosted a small watch party for the Oscars & quite a few wine/study sessions when I had my studio in Syracuse.)
  23. Get on a better sleep schedule.


xoxo, Kayla

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