Weekend Recap: Central Park, Glossier Showroom, & Brunch in Brooklyn

Living in New York City makes it pretty impossible to ever be bored. There is ALWAYS new things to do and try. Although there are many weekends that I prefer to just chill at home and watch Netflix, I love that I’m able to just get out and explore somewhere new when I want to. This passed weekend I had one of my friends from grad school visiting, so me and my other grad friends that live in NYC took the opportunity to do some trendy, touristy things that we never do.

We spent Friday evening in Soho. My friend did a photoshoot for me (pictures coming soon), we checked out the Glossier Showroom (which is a millennial girl’s dream), had dinner, and then got some cookie dough for dessert!

Glossier Showroom:


Cookie Dō:


On Saturday, we spent most of the day in Central Park taking photos and hanging out. After that we went to Times Square where we got dinner at Bubba Gum Shrimp Co.

Central Park:


Finally, on Sunday, my friends and I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for brunch. We ate at a great spot called Sweet Chick and afterwards, some of us walked down by the East River. I also came across a super cute store called Bulletin while I was in that area.



East River State Park:


Do you have any fun plans this weekend?

xoxo, Kayla

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