Winter Mahogany

When I went on my field trip to Ohio last week it was starting to snow so I wanted to be warm, but still look good (I mean I was going to be in public with people I didn’t know that well). Don’t worry, I definitely wore a coat over this outfit! But, what made me wear this was that I had just got it when I went shopping with my mom the weekend before. Anyone who knows me knows that my dream is to go to Paris. This shirt completely caught my eye because it has an Eiffel Tower graphic and velvet floral design on it. I also found this fabulous deep reddish colored infinity scarf with sparkles woven into the knit. It was so beautiful! Also, it just so happened to match my new boots that I hadn’t warn yet. The outfit just fell together and it was super comfortable to travel in. The dark lipstick seemed to compliment the deep red accents and I pulled half of my hair back to keep it out of my face for the game. What do you think of my fall colors transitioning into winter?

Much Love, Kayla


IMG_2831 IMG_2830 IMG_2829 IMG_2828 IMG_2827 IMG_2826

Outfit Deets!

Top: Lane Bryant | Leggings: Pink by Victoria’s Secret | Scarf: Lane Bryant | Mossimo Boots: Target

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