Holiday Gift Guide

In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I decided to put together a gift guide to help out anyone who doesn’t know what to get for their loved ones this holiday season. With all these great deals going on, it’s the best time to prepare for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or whatever you celebrate by finding the perfect gifts!

1. Pj’s

Great for: Grandma, Mom, friends

Store suggestions: Victoria’s Secret, Land’s EndKohl’s or Target

Good add-on: Slippers

david and goliath owl pjs2. Coffee Mug or Thermos

Great for: Anyone who drinks coffee

Store suggestions: Amazon or Zazzle

Good add-on: K-cups or a bag of coffee beans

2014-new-thermos-bottle-thermo-350-ml-12-hours-high-quality-stainless-steel-double-wall-font (1)

3. Video Game

Great for: Brother

Store suggestion: Game Stop

Good add-on: ControllerNBA2K15_PS4_FOB_Final

4. Toys

Great for: Younger siblings or cousins

Store suggestions: Toys R’ Us, Target, or Walmart

Good add-on: Candy


5. Perfume or Cologne

Great for: Parents, Aunt or Uncle

Store suggestions: Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, or Macy’s 

Good add-on: Lotion and shower gel


6. Hat

Great for: Dad, grandpa, friends

Store suggestion: Lids

Good add-on: A matching t-shirt


7. Jewelry

Great for: Mom or sister

Store suggestions: Kay Jewelers, Swarovski

Good add-on: Mini jewelry box


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