Otter Box Symmetry Series Phone Case

This case was sent to me by the awesome people at Otter Box. Their Symmetry Series is all about stylish safety. It is sure to keep your phone safe from harm and its simple design is not bulky or distracting. This white one goes with any outfit and I never have to worry about breaking my phone. You can shop on Otter Box by what kind of phone you have and they have plenty of options for Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. This iPhone 5c case costs $39.95 and comes in pink, blue, green, and white. Have you tried an Otter Box phone case before?

Much Love, Kayla


IMG_5366 IMG_5371 IMG_5374

3 thoughts on “Otter Box Symmetry Series Phone Case

      • Karen Rees says:

        Get what you mean Kayla – I personally think it’s a little over expensive for me as I’m pretty okay with my phones 🙂 Thanks for your feedback – interesting to know!! You’re so welcome xo xo

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