Easter Weekend Road Trip: Clarksville, TN

Hoppy Easter Everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Sunday with family and friends and ate a lot of candy from the Easter Bunny. This weekend I took a road trip with my aunt, uncle, and cousins so that we could visit our family in Tennessee. It was a great weekend with family and it was fabulous to step away from school and work for a second. We went out as a family on Friday and ate at Olive Garden and saw the new Fast and Furious movie. On Saturday, my younger cousins went to a Science Center while my other cousin and I went shopping at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. I got a few things to start off my summer wardrobe. Today, I arrived back home after an eight hour drive. My parents left me a little bag of candy in my room to come home to (which I am currently eating as I write this post). It was a very relaxing and well-needed weekend. How did you spend your Easter weekend?


xoxo, Kayla

IMG_6793 IMG_6794 IMG_6795 IMG_6798 IMG_6799 IMG_6801 IMG_6806 IMG_6809 IMG_6811 IMG_6812 IMG_6814 IMG_6815 IMG_6816 IMG_6817 IMG_6821

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