What I Got For Christmas vol. 2

I know it’s been a couple weeks since Christmas, but I had to share some of the amazing gifts I received this year. I’m pretty sure it was the best Christmas ever! Thank you to all of my loved ones who got me gifts this year!

Shoutout To The Boyfriend ❤ 

My boyfriend definitly outdid himself! I got a Michael Kors watch, purse and wallet! The gold watch is so beautiful that I was literally speechless. The embossed-leather purse and wallet coordinate so well and they have beautiful gold accents that compliment my watch. Needless to say, I’ve been using all three daily since I got them.


Christmas Eve in Kalamazoo

Every year my family visits my step-dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. It’s my favorite tradition! We have a big dinner and then we all exchange presents. I got jewelry, pjs, Coach Poppy “Citrine Blossom” perfume, a Juicy Couture notebook, OPI nail polish, headbands and Pure Paradise body care from Bath and Body Works.


Secret Santa

For the first time, I got to participate in a secret santa gift exchange at work. We filled out little pieces of paper that listed our likes and favorite things and then we anonymously drew each others slips of paper. My secret santa gift was super cute and perfect for me! She got me a coffee cup with a “K” on it, White Chocolate Mocha instant latte packets from Starbucks, an emergency haircare kit and a lovely Glade candle.


From The Parents

My parents definitly spoiled me this year! I got pretty much everything I wanted. My dad got me an iPhone 6s in rose gold and I love it! My mom and step-dad got me tons of great things. For my camera, I got a an accessory kit and a photo studio setup kit. I can’t wait to set it all up, but I have to wait because our basement is under construction. I also got a Blu Ray player and a printer/scanner that will be totally needed when I go to graduate school. I also got a variety of makeup, accessories, a Kate Spade tote, and the cutest wall calendar from Paper Source!


Off To Auntie’s

A couple days after Christmas we were able to have a family get together at my aunt’s house, where we all exchanged the remainder of our gifts. My aunts got me some pretty nice gifts and I was blown away by the amount of stuff I got, it was all so wonderful. My gifts ranged from a handmade bracelet, to body care, to a bag completely full of travel necessities for my next trip abroad! I also got the most fabulous tote bag and Calvin Klein scarf that my little cousin picked out for me.


What was your favorite Christmas gift?

xoxo, Kayla

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