The Ultimate Care Package

A couple weeks ago my aunt, uncle, and cousins sent me the greatest care package ever! For those of you who don’t know, I’m in a year long graduate program in Syracuse, NY and it’s my first time living away from home. I’m loving it here, but it’s always wonderful to know that your family is thinking about you. My aunt really hooked me up with all of the apartment necessities and my little cousin picked me out a couple of decor pieces that make me smile every time I look at them.

If you are looking to send (or receive) a care package to a young adult or college student then here are some great ideas of what to include:


  1. Cleaning Products: Soaps, trash bags, room freshener, detergent, etc. All of those things that we need but don’t want to spend our own money on. Stuff like this will last someone who lives alone a pretty long time. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to not have to buy these things for a few weeks or months.


2. Coffe & Tea: K-cups are expensive so when I saw a box of these I was filled with joy. I almost always have a cup of coffee in the morning and tea at night so this was a real treat! It also allowed me to try a new tea I never had before. The biscotti, sugar cubes, and mini creamers just perfected my entire coffee station. Pure happiness.


3. Toiletries: Another category of things we all hate to spend our own money on, but we absolutely need. Shaving cream, razors, toothpaste, medicine, face wash, feminine products, etc. It’s so amazing to be stocked up on this stuff. It’s a huge stress reliever.


4. Decor: Who doesn’t love to put up cute, inspirational stuff around their apartment or dorm? These are so perfect for me! Not only are they fabulous additions to my studio apartment, but they also show the person you’re sending them to how well you know them.


5. Candle: I LOVE candles. This one is currently burning in my apartment as we speak. It fills my room with sweet florals and puts me in a good mood while I’m studying, reading, or watching Netflix.


6. Cups: I collect coffee cups and I only have one small set of wine glasses so this was probably my favorite part of the package next to the decor. The gold accents are gorgeous and I use both of these almost once a week. Like the decor, this is a great way to show someone how well you know them. It’s crazy how happy a personalized coffee cup can make someone.


Of course this care package was above and beyond, you can make someone smile just as much by incorporating one or two of these items! The little things really are what counts and this was the highlight of my entire month. Thank you Novakowski’s! I love you ❤

xoxo, Kayla

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