March Favorites + Reflection

Last month was full of blessings. I had a somewhat rocky start to the year, but it was all leading up to one of the biggest moments in my life. That sounds dramatic, but it’s true! Long story short, I got my first real job since graduating college! After 8 months of interning, I am officially a reporter at CafeMom! I got the offer while I was on vacation in Florida. In addition to that magnificent news, I also had a lot of fun times during March with my friends. As always, let me know if you have questions about any products I’ve used, any shows I’ve watched, or places I’ve been!


March Favorites:

Beauty products: I went natural for most of this month, I really didn’t wear a lot of makeup. My hair products have been pretty consistent lately too — I may do a curly hair routine post soon! I’m especially obsessing over Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. The few times I have done my makeup I’ve been using a lot of Kylie Cosmetics, with my recent favorite lip kit being “Wicked.”

TV Shows: This month I watched a lot of Criminal Minds on Netflix. I made it through season 11 and can I just say that I’m SO upset Derek Morgan is gone! I also started watching Boy Meets World on Hulu and I love it even more now than I did when I was a kid!

Book: The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One by Amanda Lovelace — Last year I read Amanda Lovelace’s first poetry book, The Princess Saves Herself In This One, and I loved it so much! I was really excited to get her second one. I purchased this extended red cover version from Target and to no surprise, I really enjoyed it. I finished it in just a couple days and I found it to be really empowering. It was heavily themed around the Women’s March and other recent feminist movements, such as #MeToo.

Songs: I actually couldn’t choose between two songs this month. The first is “God’s Plan” by Drake — I know this song is a little played out now, but I was feeling so blessed this month that I really felt the lyrics and the video makes me want to cry!

The second song is “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld. Again, I know this song isn’t new or anything, but in honor of Women’s History Month I think it’s so perfect — upbeat, uplifting, and just a really awesome feel good song.

Places: March was actually pretty eventful for me. Me and Kailena had dinner at Dylan’s Candy Bar one night and that was a really cool experience (I drank the “Nerdy Mojito”). We also took a trip to Florida! It was my first little vacation in a while and we had a really great time. You can see all of the pictures from our trip here. We got home on St. Patrick’s Day, so I pretty much just slept all day due to the jet lag. While I was away, I got my new job offer! So, to celebrate when I got back to NYC, my good friend Rachel took me to this awesome restaurant called SuperNova. It has a great view of Times Square and I had delicious lobster macaroni and cheese. I also had a giant margarita at Seis Vecinos on another day. I went to a Lil’ Skies concert with Kailena at Irving Plaza. I watched Syracuse play in March Madness with some friends at a sports bar in Brooklyn (sorry I forgot the name). I visited Kailena at her job, which is a really nice building and they have a pretty sweet beer garden. And at the end of the month, I had amazing thai food with my friend Chase at Thai Terminal, we went thrifting at No Relation Vintage in the East Village, and then me and Kailena danced our way into April at Amadeus Nightclub in Queens.

March Reflection:

As I already mentioned, March was good to me. I FINALLY got my first real journalism job! I worked my whole life for this and I feel so filled with gratitude that I am now an official full-time reporter. I’m so glad that I never gave up on my dreams, because trust me there were times when I wanted to. It took a lot of patience, a lot of work, and a lot of prayer. In addition to getting my first big girl job, I also had fun at various places in NYC and I’m glad I got to spend a week in Florida.

It was also Women’s History Month and I just want to say how amazing we women truly are. I would be nothing without my mom, my aunts, cousins, girlfriends, little sisters, grandmas, teachers, mentors, and coworkers. I’m surrounded by intelligent, hardworking, brave women and I am honored to have learned something from every one of them. ❤

March Snapchats:

What was your biggest March highlight?

xoxo, Kayla

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